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04 March 2009

Tickling the Ivories

Just look at this adorable Gruffies card that my dear friend Jennifer sent me, the image is Beary Nice Song. Thank you Jennifer, I have it placed beside my piano. For those of you that don’t know, Jennifer and I started our musical journey about the same time, Jennifer with her cello and me with my piano. Jennifer is also a Harley rider… maybe one day we could ride together. This is one stamp I never added to my Gruffies collection before I made the decision to give up stamping. It’s been a little over three months and I still have no desire to get back into it. I actually went through my supplies this last weekend and gave away a bunch of accessories.

Given that the little bear is tickling the ivories I thought this would be a great time to update about my piano lessons. I’ve already had six lessons and every week I look forward to my next one. I never played a musical instrument (I did mess around with my sister’s violin but that doesn’t really count), everything that I’m learning is totally new to me.

For the first couple of lessons I’ve learned about technique, sitting at the piano and the proper positioning of my hands. I played Mary had a Little Lamb & Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star thumping away using one finger. I then moved onto Old MacDonald Had a Farm adding one of my left fingers into the mix. Then I was assigned She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain using all my fingers on my right hand, once I was able to play it perfectly I was then asked to memorized it... which earned me a sticker! For every song I learn I get a sticker in my notebook (I have four stickers)… I’ve mentioned to my teacher that I don’t really need a one and she should save them for her other students… she wouldn’t hear of it. She said I’m doing such a great job that I deserve my sticker just like her other students. This week I’m working on a beautiful waltz (playing using right and left hands together), and I’m sure my family is happy that this week I’m not pounding away one note at a time!

Also, in every lesson, music theory is incorporated somehow into what I’m learning that day, which I’m finding very interesting. I’ve began learning to read notes and note values and I was assigned this wonderful little workbook, Notespeller for Piano (Book 2) and even though it geared towards children I enjoyed it. I usually practice about a half an hour or more every day on the piano. I haven’t yet been able to read notes on the staves without some hesitation and I know from memory where a few of them are and can pick those out with no problems, for the others I have to go through the notes in my head before I come to the right one… and it’s really frustrating for me. Every evening I challenge myself at 8notes and Music Theory to work on identifying notes... one day I’ll know them all without hesitation!

Until next time, thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. What a great card...perfect for inspiration at the piano! Sounds like you are progressing nicely. Keep up the great work. Maybe you will have to post a video so we can all hear for ourselves. ;0)

  2. Hey Jovi!! I miss you & your creations!! Such a cute card you received! I love that you love your piano lessons...I took them for years as a kid/teen, but of course I haven't touched a piano in years. I'd have to start all over. I would love for my kids to play.....my old piano teacher is a stamping buddy....but alas...my older son is interested in the guitar. I still have hopes for the younger one, though!! Take care, girlfriend!

  3. Such a cute card! You girls should do a concert for your riding buddies!

  4. OH...I'm so happy to see you stampin again! This is just the cutest!! I love the little notes punched into the bottom of this.
    I would be loving the weather more if I wasn't stuck inside studying all the time! Hope you are having fun on the cycle!! Hope piano lessons are coming along good too!

  5. Oh Jenny I'm still not stamping, my dear friend Jennifer sent me this wonderful Gruffies card... isn't it just darling?! ;)

  6. Cute card! I'm right there with you on the stamping or nonstamping. I haven't made a card in months and I didn't even feel guilty about buying cards at the store recently either. Sounds like the piano is coming along too. That's great and I'm jealous.

  7. I'm still sad about you not stamping any more...if you have more stuff you want to get rid of, you have my address right? ;)


  8. Awwww, Jovi! You are so sweet. One of these days you and I must get together, go for a ride on our bikes and then, once our ride is complete we'll play piano/cello duets together.

  9. You're doing great! Keep on the daily practice. I love that you get a sticker too - you deserve it! Just keep trying your best with the note names. After a time, it'll become second nature (like reading a book is now).


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