Thriving Ivory

Last night my sister and I took a trip to Denver to see the band Thriving Ivory at the Bluebird Theater… and WOW they were awesome. I’ve been listening to their album for months while working out and once I found out they were coming to Denver I just had to get tickets. I’ll definitely see them again on their next tour… maybe next time they’ll make a stop in Colorado Springs! Company of Thieves (from Chicago) and then State of Shock (from Vancouver BC) opened before Thriving Ivory took stage and both bands were great… I have new songs to add to my playlist.

Before I left the house I grabbed my camera, I wasn’t sure if cameras would be allowed in the venue. Good thing I brought it, I took over 100 pictures and got my photo taken with Clayton Stroope (Vocals-Thriving Ivory)… I was in awe! He also autographed my concert ticket… wow!

Here are some (of the many) photos from last night and a video of Thriving Ivory – Angels on the Moon (Official Video). After I resized the photos some of them don’t look so great… believe me they look so much nicer in their original full size, maybe one day I’ll get around to adding those to my Flickr album.

Sorry I had to separate this into three different posts, for some reason blogger didn’t want to cooperate with all the different html codes… ugh! Enjoy! ~ Jovi

Thriving Ivory Post 2
Photos of the Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory Post 3
Photos of Company of Thieves & State of Shock

My concert ticket with Clayton Stroope’s autograph!

WOW… My favorite photo from the evening!


  1. Ummm..I can certainly see why this would get your heart rate up!...I mean while your exercising of course LOL

  2. Hi! My name is Jen. I'm old enough to be Clayton's Mom, but I can see how can make you swoon! Hey, I live in Arvada, CO. Where in CO are you? My husband and I ride Motorcycles too. In fact, we are in a Christian motorcycle club. Looks like you have lots of fun on your bike. Cool! I am really impressed with your cards as well. Lots of talent! Bye for now.