Motorcycle Mojo?

This last Sunday I met with Karla, Christine and a group of their friends for an afternoon of riding. The forecast for that day was to be cloudy and in the lower 60’s, although I don’t think it actually made it into the 60’s… it felt more like low 50’s, good thing I was layered for any change in weather.

As we were waiting for Karla and Christine to arrive I was hit in the parking lot of the gas station! Christine mentioned that I have some kind of motorcycle mojo! As I was pulling around to meet with the other riders a police officer was backing out of a space and didn’t see me… Yup, it was a Colorado Springs Police Officer that ran into me! Thank goodness the other riders were yelling at him to stop because I was too busy trying to roll my bike backwards to avoid what could have been damage to my bike, I'm sure my little legs were moving like Fred Flintstone's legs. Once he stopped, he looked in his rearview mirror and realized that I was right behind him. After making sure that me and bike were okay (no damage at all) the police officer stayed chatting with us for about 20 minutes. Before leaving he gave me his contact card just in case I discover any problems with my front tire. I told him I was going to blog about the incident and he smiled and said “let me suck in my gut before you take the picture”… LOL

Once Karla and Christine arrived we were on our way up 105 for a lunch stop in Sedalia (CO). The parking lot of Sedalia Grill was filled with bikes and more were coming as we were leaving… I just love the sound of all those pipes rumbling. We then headed into Castle Rock to meet up with another couple that joined us as we made our way to Elbert. As we turned off of 86 onto 217 (N. Elbert Rd) one of our riders took a spill going around the corner, which had a lot of gravel… having no tread on his tires didn’t help the situation. He was okay and once his bike was standing it had minimal damage, his ego was more hurt than anything. We made one last stop in Elbert at the South Forty Saloon and then we made our way back. In total we rode about 110 miles and enjoyed the day.

After seeing our fellow rider take that corner I had new tires put on my bike today (Santa brought me tires for Christmas… LOL), even though my tires had more tread than his I wanted to get them put on asap. Thanks for reading ~ Jovi

Karla and Christine missed all the parking lot excitement, they finally arrive!

Sedalia Grill, Sedalia CO

South Forty Saloon, Elbert CO


  1. Jovi! You are one of the most exciting women I know! NEVER a dull moment in your life! Ha haaa...I'm so glad it all turned out ok!

    I'm envious you got to get together with your friends for a ride. Low 50's sounds good to me.

    Looking forward to reading about your next adventure!