First Ride of 2009

Today wasn’t one of the warmest days of 2009… we had quite of few of those in January and I didn’t take advantage of any of them. Of course Bryan has been riding every chance he gets and he always invites me to come along, at least when he isn’t riding to work! Today after meeting Bryan for lunch I noticed quite a few bikers out and on the way home I kept sticking my hand out the sunroof to feel the temperature. Once I made it home, I quickly geared up and took off for my first ride of 2009, it was a bright sunny day and a warm 55 degrees when I left.

I drove around Colorado Springs… north of town, Old Colorado City, downtown, south and of course a stop at Garden of the Gods for a photo. I was out for about two hours, just enough time to blow off the January dust that settled on my bike while parked in the garage (note to self: cover bike after washing). On the way home I noticed that when I was clutching my hand was getting a little ache-y... hmm I wonder if I could have lost strength in my hand?!? I guess that just means I have to ride more to work those hand muscles (wink)!

Last year (from Jan 2008 – Dec 2008) I rode 6,336 miles. My goal this year is to go over 7,000 miles… I better start planning some road trips!

Starting mileage: 6,448
Ending mileage: 12,784

Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. Love the new look to the blog!! Can't wait to see pics of all your 2009 rides! :0)

  2. Hope you reach your goal. It's still cold here in Illinois. How's that new piano doing?

  3. Still too cold here for riding. Hubby said he'll gas up the bike after the Daytona 500.

  4. Lucky girl!!!! It's snowing like crazy here,lol!
    Your bike looks fabulous Jovi,what a beautiful pic!!! Get riding,and enjoy that awesome weather!

  5. riding in sight here for a good three more MONTHS! YIKES! I said "months!" But it is true. Jovi, that is motivational and a great idea to set goals for riding. Since I'm such a newbie I never considered it last year but I think I'll be the copy cat that I always am with my good buddy Jovi, and do as you do. Hmmm...what is realistic? I'll think on it.

    How are you enjoying piano lessons? I think you need to add a video so we can hear you! Your first recital! Yes! Uh it! :)