I Bought a Piano!

Yup, that’s right a piano… now I just need to learn how to play it! Since I was a child I’ve always wanted to learn how to play and back then piano lessons were not in my parent’s budget. Since I’m no longer stamping (still have no desire) I decided to focus on learning how to play the piano.

I had originally planned on purchasing a Yamaha Keyboard to get me started and then upgrade in a few years to an acoustic piano. After I had my initial meeting with my piano instructor I decided to start off with an acoustic piano. My instructor played an acoustic piano, digital piano and a keyboard for me… just so I can hear the sound of each one, and of course I LOVED the acoustic piano. Bryan wasn’t too thrilled with my decision… of course pianos are considerably much more expensive then keyboards.

After doing a lot of research about pianos, Bryan and I went piano browsing at a reputable piano store in Colorado Springs that has a variety of used and new pianos, Pianos. I had every intention on starting with a used piano but, after looking and comparing… we went with a new Kawai upright piano and I’m so happy with it. I’ve already started my piano lessons and I’m pretty excited about it.


  1. Oh how fun! I took p-nano lessons over 30 years ago...found out I wasn't too musically inclined but love both piano and acoustic guitar...guess I will stick with listening on CD's...hope you get your stamping mojo back...your baby stamps are probably crying LOL!

  2. That's exciting! Have fun with the new toy and the lessons! :0)

  3. That's great, Jovi! I learned to play when I was very young but never got very good at it. But, it is sort of a relaxing therapy for me. About 4 years ago I bought a Yamaha keyboard and really love it. Enjoy.

  4. Jovi! Oh my gosh! I cannot believe this and when I say I cannot believe it, it is because I JUST this past weekend got a cello!

    Jovi, I'm so proud of you to go after you dreams! I completely understand your excitement.

    Golly, you and I have so many things in common. I knew the first time we chatted there was a strange connection.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your piano. And remember...practice, practice, practice!! :)

    Big hugs to you!

  5. Hi Jovi,
    I hope one day you will go back to stamping and find the time to do both. As a piano instructor, I commend you for choosing the acoustic piano, but like I tell my students, you need to practice, you just can't not practice and expect to play well at the lesson. Take small steps - practice a measure/line at a time until you perfect the piece and you will find enjoyment in music.

  6. Congrats on the new piano Jovi! I took piano lessons as a child but didn't stay with it and of course now as an adult I so regret not continuing with it.

    DH and I have been talking about buying a piano for a few years now I just can't figure out exactly where I would put one in this house:(

    Enjoy learning something new.

  7. You go!! My (fairly new) grand is a Kawai also, and I have loved it. I give piano lessons, and while it may be slightly harder for we as adults to pick up piano, the flip side is that adults have the desire and are willing to practice. You will be flying along in no time!
    Thanks for visiting my blog also!