Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I just wanted to drop in and wish you all a very happy New Year, may it bring you good health and happiness, time to say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009.

You’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t posted much lately… I just haven’t had anything to post about… no riding and no stamping. No riding, the weather has been pretty chilly and I rather not freeze my booty… although today it seems to be warming up. No stamping, I’ve lost the desire and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I’ve actually thought about putting all my supplies on Craig’s List, but I know I wouldn’t be able to part that easily with some… isn’t crazy that I have some sick kind of an emotional attachment to a piece of wood and rubber?! I’ve also made the decision not to rejoin the monthly stamp club that I’ve been attending for almost seven years. Maybe one day I’ll get my desire back, until then my posts will be few and probably far in between!

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. HI! Im not a mom but i know how you feel.. sleeping late because of reading the twilight saga but yet there are no regrets because the book is getting better and better... happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year, Jovi! I'm sorry to hear about the stamping thing, but I know how it goes. Don't get rid of your stuff just yet, you never know what'll change. Besides, if you DO decide, I'd love to bid on your collection of HM stamps. :)

    I've never been a vampire fan and I hate scary movies, but this book series has intrigued me. My niece gave me the first book for Christmas. I'm in the middle of another book right now so I haven't started the Vampire series for fear (!) that I won't put the whole series down until it's finished. I'm like you, I'll stay up all night reading.

    I hope your weather clears enough for you to go riding again. I love looking at your photos.

    Have a prosperous, fun and creative year, my friend.

  3. Jovi, Jovi, I will so miss seeing you're wonderful creations! I hope you contiune to do some stamping! Happy New Year to you!

  4. Oh yeah! I read them this summer and loved each one more than the one before. I read all 4 in about a weeks time. I hated to see the story end!

    I'm feeling the same way about stamping as you. I'm getting ready to get rid of a ton of stamping supplies. I won't get rid of everything but a lot of it. I'm developing a big interest in photography and getting a hankering to sew again.

  5. wow! I love the look of your blog! I normally get updates via email... hey you!! Do NOT sell your stuff yet. I'm sure it'll come back. I know my interests come and go in waves as well. My husband keeps saying, "you used to love gardening so much and now look at the yard!" And then there was cooking...I think a balance to all is the best, and you just need a break. :) My 12 year old is a huge fan and is trying to convince me to read them. She's itching to start rereading them again. Happy New Year!!

  6. Happy New Year, Jovi!!! Don't get rid of your stuff just yet ~~ I've felt the same way more than once & sometimes all it takes is a break. Sometimes a long one. Just don't push it, you'll know when you're ready!

    I've heard such good things about Twilight, but it just doesn't seem like something I can get into. Maybe like you, I'll go see the movie & if I like it THEN I'll buy the books. Never know till I try, right??

  7. Happy New Year, Jovi! I wondered what you were up late nights reading?! My daughter (she's 26, not a mom but an adult, nevertheless) is enjoying the Twilight series a lot and I think is on the last one now. I've been buried in "The story of Edgar Sawtelle" and I don't want it to end! I just am loving the whole story. "The Art of Racing in the Rain" is next on my nightstand.

    Nope! Don't sell off your stamps. Box 'em up and put them away for a while but don't get rid of all of them. Just my advice. It isn't at all unusual to have ebbs and flows in personal interests. I've been a seamstress my entire life but stopped sewing for about 10 years. Now suddenly I'm enjoying it again (and not just on cards).

    I heard from Betty and she got out for a chilly ride yesterday. Paul and I are envious. No riding in sight for us for MONTHS!

    Keep posting when you have time whatever you choose to post. We love reading about your adventures, your creativity and just whatever you care to share.

    Big hugs!

  8. Jovi,

    I agree that you shouldn't get rid of your things just yet. Sometimes we go through a "burn out" phase and then decide to pick it back up again at another time.

    I too have not been creating much these days...Ive got the burn out on stamping and want to get back into my scrapbooking. I have tons of photos that need to be printed out and put into books.

    The Twilight series is awesome...read all four books and loved then all.

    Happy reading and have a wonderful New Year.


  9. Happy New Years Jovi! I know your passion is/was stamping/creating so I have no doubt that you will eventually come back and create a lil something something. That is not to say that there is any pressure to do so!

    I had never heard of the books either until I watched the movie. I have a few other reads right now, but hope to get into the series soon.

  10. Jovi, HAPPY NEW YEAR...love your new blog look . I also enjoyed the books they are so good and you cant put them down. Looking forward to seeing your new creations.

  11. Happy New Year!!! At least hold onto the ones you really enjoy using. Your cards are beautiful. The Twilight series is very popular at the school library were I work. Since the movie, we can't keep them on the shelfs (which is good). I have never read them, but all the students say they're great.

  12. OMG!!!! Jovi, I was hooooooooooooked on those books. I couldn't put them down. My husband "missed me". I was like "I was right there the whole time." But, I was reading! LOL!

  13. Hi. I came across your blog with a search in gogle images for penny black hedgehogs. Your cards are fab!!!!! I have been cardmaking for about seven years - on and off. At one point, I got rid of all my crafting stuff as I had no desire, hadn't had any for a long time AND, I didn't see it returning in the near future. Lo and Behold 2 or 3 months later, I suddenly got a desire to make something.!!!! PLEASE do not get rid of your stash.

  14. Jovi,
    I am totally hooked I am a 39 year old mother of 6 girls! My teen daughter got me hooked- I am half way through the first book "Twilight" and I am having my fiance' take me to see the movie this Saturday for Valentine's Day! I can't wait to see what happens next.....