Ride to Pueblo

Here it is December and we had another gorgeous day to get out and ride.

Today I didn’t ride my motorcycle, instead I rode along with Bryan on the back of his. It was just one of those days that I wanted to sit back, relax and take in all the scenery, plus we have a lot of sand on our roads from previous snow storms and I just didn’t want to worry about taking those sanded corners.

We rode south to Pueblo, which was a balmy 69 degrees. We made our way to downtown and strolled along the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk (aka Pueblo Riverwalk). Here are a few pictures I took from today… sorry none with motorcycles (wink)!


  1. Oh how FUN! It looks like a great time. No way, no how can we ride up here in the great White North. Betsey is in her stall sleeping for the winter. WOW. I'm still amazed you can ride in CO.

    I hesitate to have Paul look at your post. I think he'll start to cry knowing you got to ride.

  2. Jovi..don't you love the nice Dec. weather here! This is a wonderful pic. Hope all is well with you!!

  3. It's perfectly fine to be the passenger! It looked gorgeous out that day Jovi.