A Saturday to Remember

Wow what a day I had yesterday! I had a close call while riding, thank goodness someone from above was watching out for me and the other riders.

Things started out pretty normal, when I left to our monthly MSR Chapter Meeting it was a chilly 41 degrees. I dressed in layers and stayed pretty warm, except for my fingers. I refused to wear my winter riding gloves because they are so bulky, when I shift or brake the tips of the gloves hit my levers… I just hate that.

I made it to the meeting, pulled into the parking lot and it was packed. There wasn’t anywhere to park so I pulled my bike into the same spot that Carolee had… I knew she wouldn’t mind sharing. As I pulled in I realized I should have backed my bike in… Thanks Don and Bill for pushing me out of my parking space after the meeting!

After the MSR meeting we presented a check for $10,000 to our local affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Remember the Breast Cancer Awareness Ride from last month? We brought in $10,000 from the ride and once again it was a huge success.

After the check presentation… that’s when things started to happen.

A group of us were going to take a short ride up Ute Pass to Crystola for lunch. While we were gearing up Carolee had an impromptu “Oops I dropped it” training in the Perkins parking lot. She had minor damage, a few scratches on her tank and her floorboard broke off. Since our meeting is held next door to Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza (RMCP), where she purchased her Victory, we all made our way over there and waited while she had her floorboard replaced with a spare. While waiting the group decided not to ride up the pass and just have lunch in town. It was decided that we were going to have lunch at East Coast Delicatessen… yummy! Carrie (aka Tiny) stayed behind at RMCP to wait for a friend, they joined us later at East Coast.

This is where my incident happened. We head out as a group and everything is going great, we’re riding staggered… Kelly is leading, Sandra is her wing, and I’m behind Sandra, Cathy (Cat) is on my left and Carolee is riding sweep… Paula, Don and Orvella are riding in a cage behind the group. We ride down Hwy 24 and then onto Powers Blvd (heavy traffic road here in Colorado Springs)… going about 50 mph and coming up on to an intersection the light changes to yellow. Kelly and Sandra stop… Cat and I are braking hard trying to stop and our bikes are fishtailing … Cat finally stops. I can’t stop! I knew if I tried braking again I was going to ram into Sandra, so I ended up “threading the needle”. I rolled down on the throttle hard… I squeezed my motorcycle between Kelly and Sandra and my mirror clipped Sandra’s mirror. I had to get through the intersection before the light turned green for the passing traffic. Apparently smoke was coming off my tires while I was braking, Sandra and Cat heard my brakes squealing, Carolee was yelling “JOVI” behind me…. it was crazy. When I crossed the intersection I pulled over and waited for the group. Once we arrived at East Coast and made sure everyone was okay…. We laughed our butts off. I feel horrible about hitting Sandra’s mirror… the mirror itself didn’t break it just popped out of the housing. She assured me that Tom would be able to fix it and it was no problem. I now have a rider’s nickname “Squealer”… Carolee said she’s getting me a patch made that reads Squealer and Paula is ordering me a new MSR nametag with my new rider name… oh those crazy gals!

While we were laughing about everything that happened to us so far Tiny and her friend show up at East Coast. They also had a brake burning incident with a car, also on Powers Blvd. The car in front of them decided to go from 50 mph to 20 mph in a couple seconds. Thank goodness Tiny and her friend didn’t go down or get hurt. After lunch we took a group photo.

It was definitely an exciting riding day and I’m grateful no one was hurt. Carolee posted a comical summary to our MSR Yahoo group about our incidents and she also posted the following… it made me feel better about everything.

And for the record - Jovi - that was one of the most amazing "moves" I have ever seen done on a motorcycle. There is no way I could've fit through that little space as well as you did.

We are all VERY proud of you!!!
You did good girlfriend.


So what did I learn from this… make sure while riding in a group stay a safe distance from the driver in front of you. Carolee suggested that we stage and then leave 5 minutes apart, she’s so funny! For braking… avoid braking hard using my rear brakes, use more of my front brakes. Oh and one more thing… a yellow light means slow down and not make it if you can!

Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. Oh I'm glad it turned out the way it did!!! Glad no one got hurt!
    Pretty scarry stuff huh Squealer!!!

  2. You crack me up - and I am in awe of your mad swervin skills!

    Love ya!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I am so very happy that you are alright, and that no one was hurt. You all must have had an angel riding with you!

    On a lighter note, at least you earned a cute, new nickname:o) Mind if I call you Squealer from now on? ;O}


  4. I am so glad you weren't hurt. The angel on your shoulder sure watched over you this time. I love the new nickname. And congrats on the fund raising, that's awesome!

  5. WOW -- glad you knew how to thread a needle. Congratulations on your safe result. -- Martha Kay

  6. Scary! Glad everyone is OK. Sound like you have really learned a lot with your riding though.

    Like the new nickname too...it's too cute.