Perfect November Riding Weather

For the past week the weather here in Colorado Springs was unusually warm for this time of year. Yesterday was the first Halloween that Riley and Austin were able to do the trick or treat thing without having to wear jackets/coats under their costumes.

Today it was in the 70’s once again… Bryan and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get out and ride. We made our way though Elbert and Elizabeth and then stopped in Castle Rock for a picnic. We then headed back home down CO-105, it was beautiful.

Even though I haven’t blogged much about riding… I have been out and about. Most of the rides have been pretty short, about 100 miles or so and they are routes that I have previously blogged about. Last week Bryan and I rode to Cripple Creek and then onto Canyon City, it was once again a lot of fun riding those twisty curves.

Sorry I don’t have any great pictures to share… just a picture I took of my scuffed boots while picnicking!


  1. Jovi that is great that you are still able to ride. Today I put my bike in storage for the winter. Paul winterized it for me (I know...I need to learn to do it myself.)

    So keep your motorcycle riding posts coming because I for one am finished for this year and am eager for this winter to be over so I can get back out on Betsy again!

  2. I'm jealous. Still trying to learn to ride and no time to do much of it. Enjoy the extra riding weather.

  3. Jovi I'm glad you are still able to ride as the seasons turn. Sounds like wonderful weather. Short rides are the best because you don't get worn out and you just enjoy the scenery. Keep it up until it snows!