Oops I Dropped It!

No I didn’t drop my motorcycle… thank goodness!

On Sunday a group of us from Mountain Shadow Riders met at Sandra and Tom’s house to learn the proper technique of picking up a dropped motorcycle. After watching a short video and watching Tom perform the technique it was our turn. Tom was gracious enough to let us practice picking up his Honda dirt bike. After picking that up with no problems, we’ve discovered that it didn’t weigh anywhere close what a street bike would weigh. That’s when Roxanna (an MSR member) volunteered the use of her 1100 Honda Shadow and we all took turns picking up Roxanna’s bike while on the grass.

Eventually I would like to pick up my own motorcycle, it weighs about 650 pounds… I just hope that I don’t drop it again by accident to give the technique a try. Here I am picking up both Honda’s, a big thanks to Taunya for taking pictures of me doing it! As you can see in the photo Roxanna’s carries a lot of extra’s on her bike…it probably weighed about 500+ pounds or so.

Here are a couple links and a video showing how to pick up a motorcycle.
Pink Ribbon Rides
Bike Lift Technique

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  1. How cool that you posted this. Paul and I were just talking about this very thing. Yep...hope I never have to actually do it but I know it is something important to learn to do. Thanks for sharing the videos as well.

  2. I saw a video showing this lift on the HD website several weeks ago and DH was very interested. He said he had not seen it done that way and is planning on me trying to learn it.