Fun Video

Bryan sent this to me in an email and I had such a great laugh I just had to pass it along… make sure you have your computer volume turned on. Oh and let me know if you get a big laugh as I did… Enjoy ~ Jovi

Oh yes and you might want to keep the small children away... sorry about that. Since my kiddos are older I forgot about the little one's.


  1. OKAY!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!! lol! I think I ended up on the other side of the room lol!! You totally got me!!!!
    Enjoy your thanksgiving!!

    Tracey (SCS=Racey)

  2. eeeeeeeerg! LOL Maybe you could put a warning for children? My little one was nearby and didn't like it.

  3. Geez! also need to warn heart problem people!! After I found mine plastered against the wall, I did laugh! Shame on you! Teehee! Hugs Lori

  4. You sure know how to scare the Crap out of someone!!!

  5. Ha ha haaa! You got me! Yes indeed!

    Happy Halloween!