HM Stamps Announcement

Dick sent this email to his customers earlier this week about changes to HM Stamps. Instead of me typing the short version I’m just going to copy it here:

A little history for those of you who are relatively new to HM Stamps: I started HM Stamps as a hobby three years ago. Thanks to all of you it has grown and grown and grown and grown.

It has grown too big for one little boy to handle and I simply have run out of room to stock the new stamps when the come out. I no longer have the time necessary for the website work that needs to be done in addition to all of the "yes dear" things a hubby has to do. I have not missed a single day in these three years and I still enjoy this very much. I am working 12 to 14 hours a day - every day.

I feel like I know each of you personally and I busted my behind to give you the bestest service possible... 'cause that's what I like doing.

Nuff of all of that stuff.... Here's the juicy part:::

I have a young couple who is going to take over 1/2 of my business. Their operation will be a mirror of mine with the same emphasis on good inventory levels and service so you won't have to wait any longer than necessary to get your red rubbah so you can sniff it and get that "high" you crave so much.

They will be taking over the Stampabilities (House Mouse / Snoopy / Sesame St. / Gruffies / Born to Shop / Aliens and general line stamps) , Great Impressions , Northwoods. and Shimmerz. This leaves me with Penny Black which they will almost certainly take over when I am ready to "retire again".

The name of their company is RK Stamps. Their names are Allyson (Ally) & Gannon Smith. Gannon is a fireman and Ally is a stay-at-home mom (with "almost" a masters degree in Child Psychology). She home schools her children and loves scrapping.

One of their long-term goals is to build this business into a successful enterprise that hopefully one/some of their children (one boy - two girls) will take over. Unlike me, they want to grow larger, take on more lines, as well as other items for the stamper/scrapper.

You can get to their site by going to - there will be a link to their site if you are visiting my site and vice-versa. For a while the only difference you will see is the name RK Stamps instead of HM Stamps. We both want to "spruce" up our sites to make finding and viewing stamps much easier. I simply have not had the time to keep it up. You will see MANY more House Mouse stamps that have fallen between the cracks and "hidden" on my site.

They will honor any commitments I might have made as well as finishing out the year on the Stamp of the Month programs for both House Mouse and Great Impressions. All I can ask is that you give them the opportunity to let them get to know you as well as I do. Remember, I am not going anywhere. I will still have a deep interest in their business and will do my best to make this transition as smooth as a baby's butt!

I also hope you will share this info on your blogs, etc. as I am sure there will be many people, for whatever reason, that will not see this newsletter. I am sure many of you will have comments/questions that you want to email to me. If so, please send those emails to: If you want to share any feelings/questions or just want to wish the Smith's well you can email them at

Ally & Gannon will be sending you monthly newsletters. Ally is purdier than me but not as funny so I will continue to send mine as well. For the first 2-3 months they will be using my mailing lists then they will create their own. They will have access to all of my records ( your past orders, etc).

Any outstanding orders (other than future SOTMs) that you already have with me will be handled by me.

I am very sad in a way but out-of-my-mind happy at the same time. I am also sure that you can understand now why I have to do this. Had I not found these wonderful people I might have had to give up the whole ship and simply go out of business. You are all special to me so those of you who are not Penny Black fans I'll miss you so drop me a line every now & then.

This change takes effect immediately. We will be moving the inventory and setting up their computer system on Monday afternoon (9/8) so there will be a period where we cannot respond immediately but rest assured your orders/emails will be dealt with promptly.

Thank you sincerely,



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