Coney Island… in Colorado!

Earlier this year while attending a MSR Chapter meeting a few of the ladies were talking about another local riding group that they belong to, the Zebulon Cruisers. They had just ridden with them the previous weekend and talked about the great time they had. I decided to check them out on the web and after lurking and reading about their riding meets ups I decided to join their group… that was in June. Over the past couple of months I haven’t had the opportunity to attend any of the scheduled rides, although I did meet a few of the Zeb members at a couple of poker runs, they seemed like a great group.

Sunday I went on my first ride with the Zebulon Cruisers and it was really fun. They are a wonderful group and everyone was very welcoming. Where did we go? We rode to Coney Island, a hot dog stand located in Bailey, CO. Coney Island is shaped like a giant hotdog with toppings! The giant hot dog is so popular it’s been featured on Roadside, the Travel Channel and the Food Network. We waited in line for about 30 minutes to order… my brat was yummy!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Jovi


  1. Oh how fun! Now this sounds like a fun group to ride with. Your motorcycle adventures are such fun to read. Your destinations are great! :)

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog, we are touring in Germany at the moment, will update blog when we get back. Guzzisue

  3. Just browsing your blog. You sound like you had a lot of fun and your pic are fantastic. Also love your cards