On Saturday, my sister, brother in law and I rode to Breckenridge to have lunch at Bubba Gumps… they have the best coconut shrimp and it was worth the 321 round trip ride and it was a memorable ride.

We enjoyed the beautiful smells and colors of autumn as the aspens have begun changing colors. The further west we went the leaves on the aspens were more orange and reddish, compared to the golden leaves we saw near Woodland Park. When we left Breckenridge we headed back over Hoosier pass and was met with snow… it was chilly. I’m thankful I had dressed in layers.

On the way home we took US-285 which leads us over Kenosha Pass. When we reached the summit of Kenosha Pass there was so many cars parked along the side and people were walking across the highway to take pictures of the gorgeous standing aspens.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the aspens near Kenosha. As we left Fairplay, my sister took off and rode ahead of me and my brother in law… we spent the ride home trying to catch up with her until she pulled over.

Taken from Wilkerson Pass, CO

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge, CO

Our route to Breckenridge from Falcon, CO

Our route back to Falcon from Breckenridge, CO

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  1. Such gorgeous pics Jovi! Riding is so much fun isn't it! We use to own a bike,but my DH got hurt few yrs back and can no longer ride.
    His neck is in really rough shape,so we had to sell the bike.
    It's a totally diff ride...I'm not one that likes to be in a car. But on the bike,I could of been on there for hours!!
    But I'm not brave like you,i wouldn't drive one!

  2. Your state is so beautiful and with the fall colors starting...awesome. I can see why over 300 miles in a day might be too much for your sister. It is tough going over windy roads and passes and covering that many miles. I assume you were OK with it. You're a seasoned rider now!!