New Riding Boots

For the last couple of months I’ve been having problems with the zipper on my riding boots (HD Havoc). If I moved my foot a certain way the zipper would split. I would struggle to get the zipper back down… get stressed, say a few cuss words and then Bryan would fix it for me! It would stay zipped until the next time I wore them… then I had to go through the same routine with the zipper.

As I was leaving Sunday to meet Karla for our Cottonwood Pass ride… my zipper split once again. Again I struggled and cussed at the darn boot… only this time the zipper detached from the teeth and teeth bent… ugh! I was so mad, I had those boots for a year and wore them only for riding! Dang it… what was I going to wear, I had to hurry because I didn’t want to keep Karla waiting. I grabbed my hiking boots, laced them up and left. While riding, I had to be mindful where I placed my foot on the peg… I didn’t want my hiking boots to melt on my pipes.

Monday I went boot shopping. Bryan suggested I check Sears, a friend of his recently bought Harley Davidson Riding Boots from there and paid less than the HD store. I went online and checked out there selection and found a pair that I liked (Faded Glory – Copper Color), which happened to be on sale. I headed to our local Sears store, they only had men’s HD boots in stock… ugh. The sales lady mentioned that if I order then online from the store I wouldn’t be charged any shipping. The only problem was I wasn’t quite sure on the size I needed, since I lost 25 lbs my shoe size also went down. I went to Pikes Peak Harley Davidson tried a couple different sizes of the boot I wanted (they only offered it in black at HD), ordered online through Sears and paid only $10 for Expedited Shipping. They arrived yesterday, just in time for any riding I may do this weekend!


  1. Those are nice looking boots! I have 3 different pair of HD boots and find they fit great, and hold up well. I got all of mine online from different places. Now you have to do alot of riding to break them in!!


  2. These are great looking HD boots. I am still wearing my hiking boots. I think next spring boots will be one of my many new purchases.

  3. they look good, we use Altberg boots which are black lace ups originally designed for fell walking whihch given the amount of rain we have here in the UK is a good thing :-)

  4. These are gorgeous! I'm going to show them to my hubby :o) We just got my helmet this weekend and I'm going to take the Harley class in the Spring. I've been a fan of your blog for awhile now - thanks for all the great inspiration!