New Lens

I have a new toy… I guess I shouldn’t call it a toy considering how much this lens cost me! I was tired of changing lenses when I wanted to zoom. It was such a hassle especially when I was out and about. I’ve been thinking about getting a new lens for some time now and I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay with a Canon or try Quantaray, Sigma, or Tamron. After reading a bunch of reviews and talking with the sales lady at Wolf Camera (my favorite camera store), I went with Quantaray and bought a 18-200 mm OS DI 3.5-6.3 Lens f. I’ve never used a lens with an Optical Stabilizer (OS)… I think I’m going to get spoiled with it!

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. I have been looking for a new lens. I thought I wanted a Macro until I looked at prices. Never heard of this brand. Tell me more.
    The Rebel Yahoo group-when I asked for ideas most are snooty and say buy Canon. I love nature photography especially florals,itty bitty creatures and other close up ideas. But I will eventually need a zoom too.

  2. Wow Congratulations!! Can't wait to see some pictures with it. I've give you the I love your blog award on my blog today.

  3. Love new toys...I mean lenses...LOL

    I gave you an award, check out my blog.


  4. Oh, I just know you're going to have fun with this!

  5. oooohhhhh aaaaawwwwww!!! Spoiled? Is that a bad thing??! ;) Congrats and enjoy!!!!