Day 6

Destination: Home, Falcon, CO
157 Miles

Today would be the last of a fabulous trip, but we were both anxious to see our little kiddos again, so we hit the road at our usual time and dressed for the cool mountain temps. Today the roads were going to be very familiar. We had each traveled today’s path within the last month, and several other times in the past too, but we figured it was the most scenic and exciting way to get back to where we started. Since we only had a few short miles to go, we took our time, took pictures, and tried to look at the familiar landscape with fresh eyes. We headed South through Park County and the “South Park” area that the comedy central TV show references. Then northeast through our last three passes of the trip. We began to notice that these roads seemed a bit different simply because we hadn’t traveled them from this direction before.

We rolled down highway 67 and through the Hayman burn area, which is beginning to recover somewhat following a massive forest fire in the summer of 2002. While the actual burn area was close to 138,000 acres, about half of this either did not actually burn or burned in what the experts call a “beneficial low intensity fashion.” There’s still some pretty riding through this area, but no real switchbacks. After lunch in Woodland Park, CO, we steamed down Pikes Peak via Ute Pass (unofficial pass apparently) and rolled back into our driveway. Our bikes were filthy, covered with road grime and bugs. The important part was the new mileage we added to the odometers and the great time we had exploring Colorado together as we had never done before, but can hardly wait to do again.

Mountain Pass & Elevation
Hoosier 11,541
Red Hill 10,052
Kenosha 10,001

Hoosier Pass

Taken from Kenosha Pass
Almost Home, take from CO 126