Day 1

Destination: Pagosa Springs, CO
360 Miles (our longest riding day)

When we left Falcon on Sunday morning heading southwest, it was cool and foggy. By time we made it into Colorado Springs we had to pull over and put our rain gear on, the sky was covered in rain clouds. We ran into heavy rain with lightening outside Canyon City (US 50) and then heavy fog with snow showers on top of Monarch Pass. By time we made it down the other side of Monarch Pass the weather had cleared for the rest of our trip, except for the rain in Estes Park… more about that later.

We made a brief stop in Gunnison to pack up our rain gear and to eat lunch. With our bellies full we continued on US 50 until we reached CO 149 and headed south. CO 149 twists and turns all around Colorado’s largest mountain range, the San Juans. In my opinion CO 149 is one of the best routes that we took on this trip, the mountain views are GORGEOUS. We made our way onto US 160 which lead us over Wolf Creek Pass which was equally gorgeous and headed down into Pagosa Springs. We spent our first night at a beautiful hot springs resort. We had crossed 4 different passes today.

Mountain Pass & Elevation
Monarch 11,312
Slumgullion 11,361
Spring Creek 10,901
Wolf Creek 10,850

Monarch Pass ~ Heavy Fog and Snow

Trying to stay warm!

Taken from CO 149

Uncompahgre Peak ~ 14,3091
Taken from Windy Point Overlook ~ Slumgullion Pass ~ CO 149

A 700 year old mudslide ~ Taken from Windy Point Overlook
More of Colorado from CO 149

The Springs Resort ~ Pagosa Springs