Cottonwood Pass

Karla and I rode to Cottonwood Pass this last Sunday. Cottonwood Pass is located about 10 miles west of Buena Vista. I would love to take another ride there during the fall to get photos of the Aspen’s changing colors. The view from the top is stunning.

After our ride back down the pass we stopped for lunch in Buena Vista and waited for the rain to pass. We hit sprinkles most of the way back home and then heavier rain near Wilkerson Pass and just outside Lake George… Once again I was soaked. Next time I see a cloud I’m putting on my rain gear!

I rode about 262 miles that day. My motorcycle is ready for its 10,000 mile service… I’m not looking forward to paying the $550 service charge that goes along with it… ugh! Thanks for reading ~ Jovi

(click on images for larger view)


  1. Wow, what a beautiful scenery! I've been to Colorado, but obviously missed this part.

  2. You sure have alot of lovely country to ride through. Good for you, hitting 10,000 mile mark on your bike! That's great. I see why people try to work on their own bikes with those prices. It's worth it to know you'll be good for many more riding miles again until the next maintenance.

  3. wonderful scenerey !! the guzzi has to be serviced every 3000 mile, whar a pain!!