20th Anniversary Mountain Ride

Bryan and I spent last week celebrating our 20th anniversary traveling by motorcycle throughout central Colorado. We rode 1246 miles, went over 16 mountain passes, and enjoyed spending time together, just the two of us. Bryan is already talking about doing it again, maybe next time in reverse... I'm all for it! We took so many pictures it was hard trying to decide which photos to post on my blog… I picked some of my favorites.

To keep me from getting frustrated with moving html codes around the body post, I’m going to post each day of our trip separately.

Day 1 ~ Destination: Pagosa Springs, CO
Day 2 ~ Destination: Delta, CO
Day 3 ~ Destination: Steamboat Springs, CO
Day 4 ~ Destination: Estes Park, CO
Day 5 ~ Destination: Breckenridge, CO
Day 6 ~ Destination: Home, Falcon, CO

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Hi Jovi! I just wanted to say I'm surprised you're not here in Milwaukee for the Harley anniversary!!!! I can hear those engines roaring everywhere I go!!!!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful, virtual trip. Your photography is stunning. So glad you and your hubby could experience the joy of your time together doing what you love. John and I found, on our trip this summer, that the high altitudes really bothered our breathing. The views were worth it, though. Hugs.

  3. Wow Jovi, this was amazing! My husband and I want to move to Colorado and are just biding our time right now, we live in hot, sticky, nasty NC and dont go outside EVER. We dream of being able to go outside. Anyway the pictures are amazing, your trip sounds so amazing it makes me want to buy a motorcycle and go! Sounds like a fabulous trip, the places you stayed sound awesome and the scenery looks awesome. Glad you had such a good trip, sorry you had to don the rain gear though!

  4. Jovi, your photos and description/travelogue is WONDERFUL! I'm going back for a second look at your trip now.

  5. Wow! looks like you had a great time! The photos are just gorgeous! We need to get down to Colorado some day...looks like the area up here in Canada where we live...looks just like home to me. :0)

  6. I'm impressed Jovi! That looks like a perfect way to spend a milestone anniversary. What a lovely state Colorado is. Your photos are perfect. You're amazing.


  7. Oh wow Jovi what a wonderful Anniversary, thanks for sharing - the pictures are amazing.
    Have a great weekend hun
    Tracie :)x

  8. Great Pictures.. I always love seeing the Mountains again and again.

    It's great that you all can do this together.

    Sharing is something very wonderful.

    Happy Belated 20th Anniversary.

  9. Congratulations to both you and Brian! Not only for your 20th Anniversary milestone, but for accomplishing such a grandiose ride. I'm delighted to read about your motorcycle journey - together! Way to Go! Thanks for sharing. Next year you may want to consider Moab, UT for your celebration ride. Congrats!