Wrong turn...

In the past few weeks Bryan and I have both rode through Deckers (CO67 & CO126) and once we reach US285 we always turn to go towards Bailey. Since neither one of us has gone the opposite direction... we went right and headed towards Conifer. We followed 285 to Morrison and stopped at Red Rocks Park for a picnic lunch. It was HOT there… it must have been in the upper 90’s or at least 100 degrees… it was miserable and I absolutely hate the heat, I get cranky and short tempered… Bryan noticed!

After leaving Red Rocks we had planned to head towards CO470 and make our way home through Castle Rock. We made a wrong turn… which turned out to be one of the best routes of our ride! Our wrong turn lead us onto Bear Creek Rd (CO74), a scenic route and a very twisty road with some blind corners. The scenery was gorgeous. We passed through a couple small towns, Kittredge and Evergreen, which had an overflow of parked motorcycles along the main street. After leaving Evergreen we made our way back to 285 (near Conifer), we basically went in a big loop! We rode about 223 miles, total.

Again I didn’t get many photos because it was hard to find a place to pull over, especially on the twisty roads. I did happen to get a couple of picture while we were at Red Rocks Park. I’m going to make it a point for our next ride to take more pictures.

One more thing… Since I started riding Bryan has been telling me that I should tuck my shirt in while I ride… something about the wind catching it. I would usually respond by saying “yah… whatever”. I never tuck because I don’t like having my muffin top more visible with a tucked shirt (wink)! Well, yesterday on our way home the wind caught my shirt and whoosh… up it went… giving oncoming traffic a view of my brassiere! I started laughing so hard I could feel my face turning red from embarrassment. I was struggling to get my shirt back down so I could at least tuck the front of it into my pants… doing all this while watching the rode and tearing up from laughing. When I pulled up along the side of Bryan at the traffic light I was laughing and had to tell him what happened. Gee… I guess I should listen to Bryan’s advice more often (wink)!

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. What beautiful pics!! Guess you'll be listening to him a little more often now...not always, just more. ;0)

  2. Ha ha ha haaaaa! I'm rollin' on the floor! Oh Jovi, I'm so glad to read of someone else's experiences. I'm sure the oncoming traffic enjoyed the free show. Too bad Bryan wasn't behind you, then he too would have had an added "treat" to the ride.

    Your photos are beautiful and I loved reading about your ride.

  3. That's really funny. I don't know how you kept your bike on the road from laughing so much. I hear you about the muffin top. I never tuck either. It's a good thing you had the bra on!!! I love the scenery, but also hate the extreme heat. You should check out the Northwest sometime. Very comfortable riding right now.


  4. woohooo you sexy biker you.

    You need to find a stamp with a motorcycle on it.

    Jaunice Minor

  5. oh wow Jovi these pics are fabulous, bless you, lol
    There's a little something for you on my blog
    hugs :)x