Road Trip to Cheyenne

Monday I decided that I wanted to ride my motorcycle to Cheyenne for an overnighter at my parent’s house. I had a full day to talk my sister into coming along with me. She was hesitant because it would be the longest of her rides and her Sportster doesn’t have saddlebags to carry her clothing and other items. I solved her storage issue… that day I went shopping for T-bags. When I originally bought my detachable sissy bar and rack, I had planned to get T-bags… just never got around to shopping for them. Bryan and I decided that I should get the larger bags so he would be able to make full use of those instead of the smaller T-bags. Colorado Springs Harley Davidson just happened to have the T-bags that I wanted.

We left Tuesday morning about 8 am. As soon as I pulled out my garage I noticed that extra weight on my motorcycle that the packed T-bag, rack and sissy bar added. It took a couple of turns and stops to get use to the extra weight. We headed North on Hwy 83 to Parker and then we turned onto 470. Since 470 is a toll road, we made sure a head of time that our money was easily accessible… we didn’t want to be fumbling around trying to find it. After exiting 470, we headed North on Hwy 85 and by then the temperature was in the upper 90’s… it was hot! We continued North and the wind picked up, that’s when we knew we were close to Wyoming’s border… it’s a surprise when it's not windy there! We made it to my parent’s house with our motorcycles covered with bugs, my face a little sunburned, my sister grouchy and tired with a hurting behind. Boy… I’m glad I bought that Mustang seat… no hurting bottom for me! My sister bought the Sundowner!

Yesterday when it was time to make our way back home, I couldn’t talk my sister into taking the longer scenic route (through Laramie, WY to Fort Collins, CO). We ended up going the same route home as we came. It was a much nicer ride then the day before, no wind through Wyoming… which was very surprising! The temperature was also about 10 degrees cooler.

Now that we’re home my sister wants to get a new bike with a bigger gas tank! I guess she didn’t like stopping every 125 miles for gas… especially since I didn’t have to fill up! I didn’t get many pictures from the road, but I did get this one taken from my parent’s porch, they have a great view. I also took this one of my motorcycle with my T-bag on. I didn’t have to use the roll bag that came with it. My round trip mileage was 406 miles and it was great spending time with my parents and a road trip with my sister.

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi

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  1. Hiya Jovi, Next time you have the itch'n to ride up to Cheyenne and back, let me know. I'd love to join you for the quick jaunt. And I'll be up for the longer, more scenic route back. Happy to see you enjoying the open road and putting on the miles.

    I'd love to get a quick overnight trip in down to ABQ yet this summer...I'll give you a hollar if I get it planned.