Hawgs for Hounds

Yesterday we participate in the annual Hawgs for Hounds Poker Run, which is sponsored by the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS). The TCRAS is a no-kill shelter that cares for and finds suitable homes for pets. At each stop we were welcomed by furry friends that were available for adoption through the shelter.

At our last stop in Crystola we enjoyed a live band and a BBQ buffet and waited out the rain to pass. Our group was some of the first riders in and had only a few sprinkles along the way, unlike some of the other riders behind us… they rode through downpours.

We didn’t get as lucky when we left, half way down Ute Pass we ran into heavy rain. I had to pull over because my glasses had fogged up I couldn’t see a thing… once I fixed that problem and got going again I could feel the water swish between my toes when I shifted… yup my boots were filled with water! Almost out of the rain and all the traffic came to a stop because four deer weren’t sure which direction they wanted to run. It was a crazy ride back home.. but it was worth it. It was a wonderful day, a great ride and we supported the TCRAS! From door to door our ride was about 105 miles.

Starting Point: Mill Hill Saloon, Colorado Springs.
Bryan, Riley, my sister and brother in law are going over our route.

Second Stop: Historic Ute Inn, Woodland Park.
Ugh… I didn’t get a picture of the Inn, just the parking lot!

Third Stop: Sally’s Tavern, Victor.

Fourth Stop: Thunderbird Inn, Florissant.

Last Stop: Crystola Bar & Grill, Crystola.

This picture was taken as we were getting ready to leave.
I should have taken the time to put on my rain gear…

I didn’t realize that my Nikon Coolpix camera has a setting that I can turn the digital zoom off… some of the pictures I took yesterday came out a little blurry. I have since turned off the digital zoom… and I’m going to be lazy with this little compact and just set everything to Auto! Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi

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  1. Jovi, this is a great cause to ride for. I'm so glad you posted and especially that you rode in it.

    Well done, my friend!