Blog Clean Up

For those of you that subscribe to Inky Impressions by email, you may be getting a larger than normal update tomorrow, unless I can find a way to avoid it.

I’m going to change around some of my labels, mainly my motorcycle posts. I’m going to add a “Motorcycle Entries” tab on my blog navigation bar. This will help my fellow motorcycle bloggers and riding friends from having to weed through my craft posts. Cause ya know… not every motorcyclist is into crafts! My motorcycle posts will still show on the main page as I post them, the “Motorcycle Entries” tab will just make it a click easier to see only motorcycle related entries.

~ Jovi


  1. hi, like the new colors....u go girl...i have to have at least 8 hrs sleep...u rock

  2. I love the new look. AND, love visiting your blog, Jovi. Beautiful art and I love reading about all of your motorcycle adventures. One day I will have adventures to relay too.

    Your cards, as always, are just THE BEST!