5 in 1

Tomorrow I’m going to ride the 5 in 1 that is sponsored by Pikes Peak Harley Davidson (PPHD). What is the 5 in 1? Five mountain passes in one day! We will be leaving from PPHD riding to Kenosha Pass, Tennessee Pass, Vail Pass, Loveland Pass and end at Hoosier Pass. There will be an overnight party in Breckenridge and we’ve decided not stay for that. We will return home after leaving Hoosier Pass.

This will be my first year doing it and I’m pretty excited about it. Unfortunately Bryan wouldn’t be able to ride along with me, I'll miss him. I am riding with a wonderful group of ladies… Karla, Lorrie and Sandra. What a great way to spend my birthday.

I’ll try to get a plenty of photos to share. Speaking of photos, I took my camera (Rebel XTi) in for cleaning since I discover a lot of my outdoor photos had floaters. One camera tech thought I may have a blown pixel… then she called over the more experienced tech… after viewing the pictures on a large screen he discovered that I just had dust under on my mirror and he showed me how to clean it myself. While there I priced some of the compact cameras and thought about getting one just like Bryans (Canon PowerShot SD750) to carry around while riding. I did end up purchasing compact camera, it was an early birthday present from Bryan and the kiddos… gotta love picking out my own gifts! I bought a Nikon Coolpix S210, the pretty plum color and so far I’m really happy with it. The menu is very user friendly and it takes great shots.

I’ve already fueled up for tomorrow. I still have to check my oil, tire pressure and then wash my bike… it still has dead bugs from Wyoming mixed with dirty water spots from the rain shower I rode through last weekend. I think this is the dirtiest my motorcycle has ever been!

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Jovi I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!! Enjoy your ride! Blessings to you and yours!!
    Tracey (racey-scs)

  2. WOW Jovi! Have fun on your 5 in 1 ride! Sounds scary yet exciting! I'm looking forawrd to hearing all about it! Have a great weekend! Jennifer

    PS: You've been tagged!

  3. Hope you have a blast!! Happy birthday.

  4. Jovi, why didn't I know that your birthday was coming up! Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend.

    Oooohhh...I can hardly wait to hear every single detail about the 5 in 1 ride!

    Ride safe and have fun!