444 Miles

444 miles is what I rode Saturday for the 5 in 1 (the most miles I've rode at once to date). I left my house about 6:30 am rode a couple blocks, turned around and came back home to get my chaps. I’m thankful I came back for those because it was a bit chilly that early and I ended up wearing them the entire day since it was also cooler in the mountains as well. I met up with the ladies at Pikes Peak Harley Davidson (PPHD) to register and get our route map. We headed to Woodland Park and met up with another rider that joined us.

Unfortunately we didn’t make a stop at Vail Pass due to a Bicycle Event, we did make stops at Kenosha, Tennessee, Loveland and Hoosier Passes. I think Tennessee was the most beautiful of all the Passes, on the Eagle County side a bridge crosses over Piney Gulch and offers some of the most stunning views of Colorado. I plan on riding there again to take more pictures. Loveland and Hoosier Pass freaked me out with their steep steady grade along with the numerous switchbacks… I didn’t want ride back down Loveland Pass, but I did it! Loveland Pass is the highest mountain pass in the state that regularly stays open during the winter months.

I finally returned home about 7:30 that evening, a little tired, dirty and hungry but it was great to be home. To my surprise I wasn’t a bit sore the next day. I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about my seat… but… Mustang seats are the best!

I’ll definitely try to do the 5 in 1 in 2009… after all I have to get another rocker patch! Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi

Gas stop: Riding Friends

Kenosha Pass

Tennessee Pass

Loveland Pass

Hoosier Pass

5 in 1 Route and Route Back to Colorado Springs


  1. Jovi, I'm SO PROUD of YOU!! WOW, what a great ride! I loved reading your journal of the day and seeing the photos. I've been to a couple of the passes, but via automobile. Someday I'd love to ride with you and your friends.

    Your #1 groupie/fan!
    Her Royal Highness the Harley Princess,
    Jennifer :)

    p.s. Paul is ordering his Mustang seat so he has it before his September ride to the States.

  2. Now that looks like a good days ride! Makes me want to get out on the open road. As much as I hate to wish summer away I do look forward to my annual september ride with the guys. Five or six days and as many miles as we can cover. Ride, eat, ffed the bikes, drink beer at night and sleep....repeat as often as necessary. This year we are heading down to Kentucky to see the burial site of Daniel Boone and the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. No particular reason. No interstates, only 2 laners.

    I liked hearing about the seat. I hope to have mine in and installed by the end of this month.

    Keep on leaning.


  3. Wow, what a great post! Excellent photos. I had no idea a person could ride 5 passes in 1 day. I will share this with my Dad--he's got a Heritage Softail and a hankering for Colorado riding. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's a real accomplishment to ride that far on such mountainous roads. What beautiful photos. I must get to Colorado!


  5. Wow! What a long, yet great ride Jovi! You must be right about that seat, because I went on my first long ride just yesterday (I will have to find you the details of where), but it was so gorgeous! I found that we took about 4 breaks on a 3hr ride... my bottom was so sore. LOL