It's all about the ride...

Today we took a ride heading west to Woodland Park (Hwy 24) and then onto Deckers (CO-67). We really didn’t have any plans on which route to take back home… we came home the long way and it was wonderful! We rode through Pike National Forest and went over Kenosha Pass (CO-285), the scenery was absolutely gorgeous and I’m grateful that we have such beauty in our backyard. I wish I could have taken more pictures along the way, by time I found a safe place to pull over something was blocking my view of the snow top mountains. We then turned onto (CO-9) and I think every bug in the area flew into my windshield and new helmet! We then headed to Wilkerson Pass (Hwy 24), which I’ll ride again tomorrow with some of the ladies from Mountain Shadow Riders. We made it home with 230 miles added on our bikes.

If you click on this link it will take you to my Shared Ride Plan, once there click on “View or Edit Ride Plan”, you can see the “Aerial” view of our route today.
Here are some pictures that Bryan and I took. I noticed that my pictures have floaters on them, I’ll have to take my camera in for cleaning. Lately I’ve been disappointed with my camera, Bryan’s camera (Canon PowerShot SD750) takes awesome pictures and his camera was $800 less than mine (Canon Rebel XTi)… what’s up with that?! Okay I’ll quit complaining… I have to go wash my bike and get it ready for tomorrow’s ride! Thanks for visiting.

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