This year for our 20 year anniversary Bryan and I are going to do a 1,000+ mile ride through the mountains of Colorado. It will be a four day trip, about 250 miles a day… give or take, but I’ll post more about that ride in upcoming months. So why did I mention it?! I need to get more experience driving through the twist-ies in the mountains and going longer riding distances. This past Sunday we (me, Bryan, my sister and brother-in-law) took a trip into the mountains. I was really surprised that my brother in law brought my sister along… by time we made it to Canon City she was in tears. She got really scared going around some of the curves. I wasn’t sure if she was going to get back on her bike… about a half an hour later she felt that she was ready to leave.

That morning when we left Falcon it was a beautiful 73 degrees. We made our way west into the mountains which lead us to Woodland Park and then into Cripple Creek. We stopped in Cripple Creek for lunch and then when we drove into Canon City… it was 95 degrees there! I was dressed for cooler mountain weather, on the way home I had to take off my leather jacket because I was so darn hot. Now I’m looking into getting a lighter weight Joe Rocket jacket (more about that later).

I used this Ride Planner from the Harley Davidson site to map our trip. If you click on this link it will take you to my Shared Ride Plan, once there click on “View or Edit Ride Plan” you’ll then be able to see my ride along with the “Ariel” (click on) view. It’s really cool that you can zoom in and see the road with some of the twist-ies. From Colorado Springs it’s 139 miles, from our house in Falcon it was a total of 170 miles.

Here are a few pictures from Sunday. The first two are taken from CO-67: looking down into Cripple Creek, check out the mountains in the distance. The last photo is a group of sport bike riders that were driving through Cripple Creek when we stopped for lunch. Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. Sounds like your sister is doing really good to even attempt twisties. Since she got over the initial fear, she will be fine. I still have a little apprehension about the tight mountain roads....I guess it just takes practice. What a fun plan for your anniversary to do a long ride together! How's Bryan liking his new ride?


  2. That will be so fun for you, Jovi! Looking forward to seeing more of your bike outing photos. The natural lands of Colorado are beautiful.

  3. Hope your SIL is now feeling a bit more confident.

    Love the pics...looks like such a cute little town! Can't wait to hear more about your up coming trip too. :0)