New Accessories

I have new accessories for my motorcycle. Riley and Austin gave me this butterfly engraved horn cover for Mother’s Day… it’s so pretty. They bought it from an eBay engraving store called Chrome Fusion. Besides horn covers you can also get matching derby covers, gas caps and they do engraving of gas tanks and fenders (chrome fusion)… I would love to have that done! They have wonderful customer service and kept Bryan updated on his order.

Look what the UPS guy brought me… my new Mustang seat. I wasn’t expecting it for another week or so. When I place my order I received an email that it was on back order and wouldn’t ship until four weeks. It feels so cushiony, I can hardly wait to try it out.

Later today I’m going to do an oil change and get my new accessories installed… I’ll make sure to take a picture of them on my motorcycle. Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. Oh Jovi those are so cool!!! I envy you so much,we used to have a bike but had to sell it due to some injuries my husband had ,he has a very hard time to ride a bike now. Maybe one day we'll get another. That horn cover is awesome,that would be so neat on a helmet!!

  2. It is GORGEOUS! Who would ever have imagined that we'd get excited over a horn cover? But WOWZA! It is so pretty and what a neat gift.

    Looking forward to hearing about how you like your Mustang seat.

    I'm going for a ride this evening! :)


  3. Wow! That is beautiful. Can't wait to see pics of the bike with all the new 'embellishments'! ;0)