Update on Surgery

I’m alive and really sore! I made it home Thursday night about 6:00 pm. I had to stay a little longer at the hospital then planned since the general anesthetic made me really sick, which has happened with past surgeries I had. The anesthesiologist gave me some medicine through my IV before waking me up to help with the nausea and then I received more while in recovery. I still wasn’t feeling all that great when I made it home. Between walking and eating crackers I did get sick a few times. I haven’t gotten much sleep the last two nights. Its terrible trying to get comfortable, I usually sleep on my stomach or side and that isn’t working out too great. Thank goodness for pain medication!

After my surgery my doctor showed me my gallstones. One was a bit larger than a marble and the rest were raisin size. The recovery nurses were really surprised that I wasn’t in more pain before my surgery because of the amount I had. It was a bit comical watching the nurses pass my container of gallstones around for everyone to check out.

Thank you for all the comments and emails wishing me well, I really appreciate it. ~ Jovi


  1. Jovi~ I am so glad you are up and typing ;) I remember I was pretty much in bed for a couple days. We had a 2 story house and I simply did not want to try the stairs while on meds! I hope you feel much better in a jiffy!

    Shelley ~ photoctopper

  2. Yay!!!! Take it slow Jovi! I'm happy you're doing fine,everyday will get better now!!
    Sending you big hugs!!!

  3. Glad to hear you are at home resting now. Take care of yourself! :0)

  4. Oh my goodness. I am so glad to hear that your surgery went well but so sorry to hear that your having a rough time right now. Just think, in another few days you will be feeling lots better.:)

    Hang in there. Good times ahead with better health and warmer weather.


  5. Wow!! you've had a quite a time. I'm glad you got through all this okay. Take Care!! I hope your up and at em' soon!!

  6. Hey Jovi!! Glad to hear that you're doing fine now.

    You'll be sore for a little while yet. Well at least I was. I couldn't lift anything or work for about 3 weeks. Which at that time meant no money coming in.

    Take it easy and have fun stamping.

  7. Jovi, sorry this msg didnt come sooner... but Im glad to hear that the surgery went well and that the pain associated with gall stones is gone.