Spring Break

It’s been a busy and emotional couple of weeks. Riley and Austin were/are off for their two week Spring Break and we spent time visiting my parents in Wyoming. Riley and Austin had a wonderful time… grandma and grandpa enjoys spoiling them. Jake also had a great time running the acreage with my parents bilingual Pomeranian Titto.

After coming back from Wyoming I packed again for a quick trip to New Mexico. Bryan took some time off and stayed home with the kids. My aunt Mary is terribly ill, I wanted to spend time with her and visit my grandma again. My mom and my two brothers met me and my sister in New Mexico and since I have another brother who lives there it was great having us all together again.

My aunt was in and out of hospitals most of last year, she saw specialist in Denver, Santa Fe and Albuquerque and each doctor ran a number of tests and prescribed her different medicines. Then in January she was extremely sick went to the ER and they flew her to Santa Fe in a helicopter (from Las Vegas, NM a $22,000 ride)… did more tests and she was diagnosed with Cirrhosis, the doctor told her and my uncle that she had about four months to be with her family. When I saw her last Friday she was feeling good and coherent and then on Sunday she was really sick… vomiting and shaking, it was horrible seeing her that way. She has been bed ridden since January, my uncle and the Hospice nurses do everything for her. It was really sad when we left to come home. I talked to my uncle this morning and he said that she wasn’t having a very good day today.


  1. Oh, Jovi. My heart is with you and your family. ((((hugs))))

  2. I think of you and your family and
    I hug you Jovi .

    Greetings Nicole

  3. How sad Jovi,I'll keep you all in my prayers.

  4. Keeping you and your family in my prayers!!
    Racey- SCS

  5. Thinking of you and your family. *hugs to you*