Rides and Going Postal!

I’ve been trying to get in as much riding as I can before my surgery and the weather has been beautiful. Last week I took my sister down my favorite local route (east of Colorado Springs – down Curtis to Marksheffel). When I first starting riding I would ride that route almost daily… it’s wide open and not much traffic. She did great and hopefully she’ll be ready to go onto busier roads and longer rides soon.

Saturday I meet up with some riding buddies. Our plan was to ride to Castle Rock via Hwy 83 then back to Colorado Springs on Hwy 105. We got a late start and had to come back early because a couple of us had late afternoon plans. Even though we didn’t make it all the way to Castle Rock, it was a great day with the girls!

On Sunday I went riding with Bryan & Riley. We recently bought Riley a new helmet and she has been so excited to wear it on a ride with her dad. On our ride we took Hwy 24 to N. Elbert Rd (41), then onto Hwy 86 to Castle Rock and then back to Colorado Springs on Hwy 105. It was about a 120 miles and we had some strong winds through Castle Rock… I hate riding in the wind!

While we were out riding we stopped at a few (actually five) Post Offices to get pictures. Why Post Offices? Because Mountain Shadow Riders just started its annual ride contest and this year’s contest is “Going Postal”. We have to get a picture of our motorcycle in front of a Post Office’s and our postal photo must have the name of the branch in the photo. We also have to find the zip code for that Post Office if it’s not displayed on the building. Why the zip code? The zip code is our point value. In my opinion Sunday’s are the best day to get postal pictures… since they’re closed and I wouldn’t have to maneuver my bike around parked cars to get a picture with the needed information. Here are a couple of Going Postal pictures that we snapped along the way.

Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. That's a funny kinda contest...postal. Your pics are awesome,you look great on a bike Jovi!! Good Luck and all the best with your surgery!

  2. That sounds like fun. Post offices are everywhere so it should be fun to see where everyone went. What a great group you have. Wish I lived in Colorado!