It’s official… I have a gall bladder!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I have a lot to update… I’ll try to make multiple posts throughout the day!

I had my ultrasound last week and apparently I do have a gall bladder which is packed with gall stones. Last Tuesday I had an appointment with the surgeon and we scheduled my surgery for this Thursday (the day after tomorrow). It will be an out-patient surgery and if everything goes well I’ll be home that afternoon. I'll be having laparoscopic surgery, which only requires about four small incisions and hopefully I’ll be able to return to normal activity in a week or two.

Since I wouldn’t be going to the gym or riding, I’m sure I will get a lot of cards made!


  1. ouch, my friend! I have one, but no problems. . yet. :) I work with general surgeons, so know what you're talking about! Hopefully they can do it needlescopically - even *smaller* instruments! Hugs and hopes for a quick recovery!

  2. Good luck with the surgery. And can't wait to see some more creations. :0)

  3. Oh dear! I really hope that it will be all better for you soon! I have heard that gallstones can be SO VERY painful!! Hope you get better really quick! ((HUGS)) Do take it easy though after your surgery!!
    Racey (SCS)

  4. I know of the pain that you are suffering. I had mine removed 2 years ago. It is a piece of cake and the pain following surgery is minimal compared to the pain caused by "gall bladder attacks". Good luck!

  5. ((hugs)) I had the surgery gosh I guess it has been 7 years ago now. You will feel so much better afterward. Hope your recovery time is short and sweet ;)

    Shelley ~ photocropper

  6. Oh my gosh, Jovi! OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! I'm glad you got it checked out and are getting it taken care of. You have the most positive, uplifting attitude.

    Heal swiftly and take time for YOU.

    Looking forward to seeing your "healing time" creations.

    Hugs to you.

  7. Jovi,

    Had mine out about 17 years ago...I too had the laparoscopic surgery, but this was so new that I had to stay over night.

    You will feel like you did too many sit ups. Speedy recovery.


  8. Ouch! and Welcome to the Gall bladder club.

    Make sure you take something comfortable to wear home. (like Sweats)

    I had mine out 1995. I feel much better and can eat pretty much anything I like.

    Take care of yourself.

  9. omg, i had surgery almost 2 yrs ago..and it was a bit tough getting up the 1st 2 days after that i was sure and walk it helps trust me. good luck and u will feel much better after the surgery...just becareful eating the greasy seems to run through you...

    lots of hugs wishing u a quick recovery!!!

  10. Ahhh, technological advances! A friend of mine had her gall bladder removed about 5 months ago...she said it was the EASIEST thing she's ever gone through! Good luck!

  11. Hope everything went well Jovi. My husband went through that surgery and he was sitting up eating pancakes right afterwards! He mowed the lawn the following day. I hope your recovery is quick, so you can get back to riding!