Motorcycle Maintenance 101

Saturday I rode to the Mountain Shadow Riders (MSR) Chapter meeting and when I left home it was about 32 degrees out. I knew it was going to be a cold morning so the day before I went and bought some winter riding gloves that have a Thinsulate lining. My fingertips did get chilly but not as bad as if I would have wore my regular riding gloves.

After our chapter meeting, MSR had a scheduled Motorcycle Maintenance 101 meeting that was open to anyone who wanted to work on their motorcycles (see photos below and click for larger view). Stations were set up for members to change their oil, change spark plugs and how to load your bike onto a trail… by yourself. One of our members Karla was kind enough to host the group at her house. I didn’t do any maintenance on my bike, it wasn’t long ago that I had my 5000 mile service done.

Before the Maintenance meeting a group of us rode over to Subway to pick up lunch. When we left the parking lot my bike stalled. I kept trying to start it and I could figure out what the heck was wrong with it. Then Jack (a MSR Support Member) pulled up along the side of me and asked if I had my fuel on... it was off! I was certain I had turned the fuel on when we left… because I had turned the knob. Well, when I turned the knob I actually turned the fuel off! I felt like such a goof ball and I had to laugh at myself. Thanks for reading - Jovi


  1. Great photos and great information! Oh my, Jovi! If you do funny things like the fuel line, can you just imagine what scatterbrained ME will do? The maintainence class sounds great!

    I am taking my test for my M1 this week. Think positive thoughts for me please! :)

    Jennifer :)

  2. Jovi, I love the blend of motorcycle and crafting posts. Before you spoke of your bike, I always thought you were this timid crafter. Now I know there's a bit of a daring side of you ;)