It hurts to sit.

Ugh… my tailbone is so sore it hurts to sit down. Bryan and I rode 205 miles today! That is the farthest I’ve rode on my motorcycle and it was wonderful. Although I’m thinking if I go any further I need a new seat! It’s always something I need for my bike (wink). Bryan has this awesome Sundowner seat and I’ve been thinking of getting one for my bike. The only thing I have to worry about it is my seat adding width/height. If it adds too much width/height I wouldn’t be able to flat foot at stops. I’ll have to do more research before I go out and buy one.

The temperatures reached into the 70s today, 78 in Ordway… awesome riding weather. For our ride we headed East on Hwy 94, through Yoder and Rush. We then headed South on CO 71 to Ordway, then Hwy 50 into Pueblo, onto I-25 to Fountain and then we took the back roads home. I included a picture of Bryan and his bike that I took today. It was wonderful to have my riding partner back again!

Last Sunday I met up with a few MSR riding buddies and we headed north to Denver for lunch. When I left home that morning it was a bit chilly, about 32. It warmed up fairly quickly and was a beautiful ride (going that is). We took Hwy 83 from Colorado Springs to Franktown, Parker and then to Cheery Creek to Whole Foods. On our way home we decided to take I-25. By then a front came in and the wind gusts had picked up. It was a horrible ride home and later that night my shoulders and upper back was sore from fighting the wind. In spite of the wind, it was wonderful day and I rode 135 miles.

Thanks for reading - Jovi


  1. I'm jealous...but happy for you too! :) I am just dreaming about getting to take my FIRST ride, but with continuous snowfall we have no idea when that will happen.

    Do you have a stock seat now?

    Post more photos of your adventures (as well as your beautiful cards!) I thoroughly enjoy your posts!!

    Jennifer :)

  2. What a nice picture!!! You make a cool biking mama!!! Glad you get to enjoy it!!

  3. Jennifer did you pick up your bike yet? I can't wait to read about your motorcycle adventures!

    I'm not using my stock seat. I currently have a Badlander leather seat which is only about 11" wide and so far it's been great on the rides I've been taking. Maybe my back side needs to adjust... LOL

  4. Jealous here too - it was 60 degrees yesterday but we didn't get to ride because of all the crap still on the roads... now today we have five inches of new snow!! BTW, I've heard good things about the Sundowner seat - I purchased a Mustang solo seat with backrest for my Sportster a couple years ago, and although it does lift me up so I'm no longer flat-footed, it is a lifesaver on long trips! ~ Janet