Crazy Weather & Gruffies

Saturday we had record highs in the 70’s, yesterday (Sunday) it was in the 20’s and we got snow. This morning Riley and Austin have a two hour school delay and then I have to rush over to Peterson AFB for my brother in laws retirement ceremony. Hopefully sometime this afternoon (after my workout and between laundry) I’ll have a chance to make a card using my new Gruffies that arrived Saturday from HM Stamps… ugh those little bears are just waiting to be inked!


  1. Your´re right , perfect time for crazy weather !
    I´m excitet for your first Gruffiecards !
    I must wait for a while, before my Gruffies are at home.

  2. It was 55 at 5 AM as hubby went to work and it has already fallen 20 degrees. they just issued a winter storm watch for overnight thru Wednesday. We set a record for Feb snow. I need to go get groceries at Costco which is an hours drive but I dont do bad road driving. the county ran out of salt already.

    so houw much was shipping on the bears? I have about 10 I want but am waiting until Lent is over or they offer free shipping.

  3. I am so jealous! Of the weather and all your new toys! Can't wait to see what you create! ;0)

  4. Nicole I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see what you make with your Gruffies ;)

    Jan I paid a little over $9 for shipping for eights bears. Hopefully you were able to make it to shopping with no problems ;)

  5. My Gruffies are in the mail but haven't arrived yet. It is so much fun to begin to see creations on blogs and in galleries of these darlings.

    So come on Jovi! Ink those cute little Gruffies up. I want to see your beautiful cards.

    Oh...and no, I don't have my bike yet. It will be delivered April 15th and I don't even take my safety class until the end of April so I won't be able to ride until the VERY end of APril or the first of May. Sigh...I just keep looking at the photo of it.

    Jennifer :)

  6. Now you'll get us all hooked on gruffies!!! Can't wait to see your new stuff!!! Lucky bum!!!

  7. I am so jealous of your gruffies! I want some!! LOL. Good luck finding time today!