A Sunday Ride

WARNING: The photo below contains offensive language!

Sunday I had a chance to get out and ride my motorcycle along with Bryan and my brother in law. We made a quick trip into the Springs HD store. Bryan had to pick up some parts that were missing from one of his orders. I was hoping to get out and ride again with Bryan this afternoon. It was in the mid 50’s today. Didn’t happen, I had so many other things to get done that I couldn’t get away. Maybe I can ride Saturday, it should be back into the 50’s then.

While we were at the HD store Sunday, my brother in law found a black Heritage Classic that he could see himself riding. After showing it to my sister they decided that he should purchase it sometime in the near future, which will leave his Kawasaki Vulcan for my sister to ride. She’ll have it lowered and have the controls moved… oh and learn how to ride it! She’s planning on learning in the school parking lot once the weather warms up and then take her Motorcycle Safety Course through ABATE. How exciting is that?!

I’ll make sure to post a picture of Bryan’s new ride when I can get a nice picture of it out of the garage. I tried to take some Saturday, but the sun wasn't cooperating with me!

Until then, I’ll leave you with this funny ad that my sister happened to email me today. It’s been around for at least a year or so. I saw it awhile back on a motorcycle blog that I frequent. Enjoy… and sorry for the bad language in the ad - Jovi

click image for larger view