I have bags!

and not the kind under my eyes... LOL! I’m sure I’ve mentioned (well, I was actually complaining) that I really need to find some saddlebags in order for me to carry around all my necessities while riding. I was holding out until I found the perfect girly bags… no luck. A huge problem that I had was finding bags that fit and were big enough to store my camera… I was adamant that I didn’t want to relocate my turn signals, which didn’t leave me with very many options. Without moving my signals the shocks took up plenty of the storage space… ugh!

Then I decided that I was going to use Tbags! Tbags come in various sizes and they just slip over your backrest. The problem… I didn’t want to change the look of my bike by adding a backrest. Didn’t I tell you how picky I’ am!

I couldn’t hold out any longer and I finally gave in and bought both! Some Harley bags and everything need for Tbags. I decided to do the signal relocation which gave me more storage in the bags. I also went with a clean sleek bag, instead of girly fringe and conchos. For the sissybar and rack I went with the detachable option with a lock (which we already assembled -photo). It will be easily removable for the days that I don’t want or need it on my bike. I was able to get all my shopping done at my local Harley Davidson store. My part list was huge, kind of like the sales receipt!

I’m learning that customizing my motorcycle is time consuming and very expensive! I’m happy that I waited and didn’t jump into something I wasn’t going to be happy with down the road!


  1. Nice Bags !!! My friend as a Harley too and she loves it !!!!

  2. Cool bag!!! Customizing is very pricey isn't it. My hubby had a bike and had to sell it due to injuries and you never get back what you put into it.

  3. wow, looks like a nice investment. I bet you will love the new bags. Can't wait to see new pics from your rides!

  4. Jovi, saddle bags are one of the items on my list as well and I've been having a hard time deciding what I'll want. I REALLY like your choices here. They are really nice!

    ~ Jennifer