Bike Show

Saturday we went to the Hot Rod & Bike Show here in Colorado Springs. I was on a mission to find me some sunglasses for riding that have changeable lenses… no luck. I’ve been using the cheepo sport glasses from Target and I’ve already gone through three pairs. I wasn’t able to find any that fit me, each time I tried on a pair I had a huge gap near my eyebrows and they sat low on my nose. One of the vendors suggested that I try Asian fit glasses from Oakley and I’ve also heard a lot of ladies in MSR rave about Wiley X glasses. This week I’ll try to hit some of the local dealers to try on some Wiley X glasses.

After the bike show Bryan and I had a chance to get out for a short ride. We went down Judge Orr to Peyton Hwy, then onto Hwy 24 and then made our way home. The clouds started to roll in which made it a lot cooler. By time we made it home my fingers and backside were pretty cold. Those clouds that came in brought snow along with them that evening and on Sunday.

Below are some of the pictures I took at the bike show (click on image for larger view), thanks for visiting - Jovi


  1. Hey Jovi! Beautiful bikes!! Just showed my hubby all your pics,he's a bike nut. We had a roadstar 4 yrs ago but had to sell cause he got injured in his neck and has a
    hard time riding a bike. Maybe one day we'll get another one. Your looks awesome,lucky bum!!!

  2. You know you are making me and Paul jealous each time you mention you got a ride in! We won't get out for a couple more months yet. Looks like you had a fun time at the show!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. Cool pics, Jovi. Check out this new stamp set. It reminded me of you, Route 66

  4. Sounds like you had a Great time!!...and Great photos!!..TFS