I just had to share this picture that Betty (Biker Betty) took of me Saturday when we stopped for lunch after our ride.

I’m such a mess… thank goodness the wind covered up my helmet hair! LOL You can read more about our Saturday ride over on Betty’s blog. She also has some wonderful entries about her motorcycle adventures… and did I mention that Betty also stamps?


  1. You rock! Helmet head or not! VERY COOL PIC!

  2. Oooh, another blogging biker! Cool!

    I came over from Biker Betty's place. I have a bunch of blogs, but the ones featuring bikes are typically and :)


  3. I had to laugh when this photo downloaded from my camera to the computer. I didn't realize your hair had flown across your face like that, lol. Aren't camera's fun?

  4. Jovi, how wonderful to have a biking friend who is also a crafting pal too! I'm loving reading about both topics on your blog and will now have to check out your friends' blogs too!

    ~ Jennifer

  5. I have a funny pic of me that makes my hair look like I have Princess Leia buns covering my
    You look great....