Update on Jake

I took Jake to the Vet; he has a crack in his toenail right under his nail bed. His Vet said that it wasn’t infected and his nail didn’t need to be removed, which was encouraging. Once his nail grows out more it wouldn’t irritate him as much and chances are it will eventually break as his toenail gets longer.

Jake weighed in at 109lbs, 9 lbs more since his last visit! At his last visit we talked about changing his diet to Iams Weight Control and cutting back on treats, which we did. Well, I have to admit I’m a sucker for giving him treats. We changed his food, cut back (a little) on treats and he still gained 9 lbs. Now Jake is on a restricted diet. We’re going to try him on Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine r/d food, (4 cups a day) and no treats! The only treats he’s allowed to have is a few kibbles throughout the day of his diet dog food. Of course he will continue with his daily walks. After a month on his new dog food I’ll take him back to the Vet to get weighed and if there is no weight lose his Vet would like to do tests to check his thyroid. It will take months but Jakes Vet will like to see him weighing in about 80lbs. It looks like Jake and I are going to try to lose 30lbs, oh yes I can afford to lose 30 plus pounds!

I included some picture of Jake walking on the treadmill in our basement. He’s at the point now where he doesn’t need to be on his leash while walking. Thanks for reading and for leaving the comments regarding Jake. - Jovi


  1. I'm no expert, but my sister was advised by her vet to cut back on the dry dog food and insert a can of green beans as a way to put the dog on a diet. The green beans added fiber but no calories for the dog. And, he felt like he was getting a treat!

    It worked for her anyway.

    Good luck! You have a beautiful dog!

  2. I am no vet...but he looks perfect to me! What a sweetie! And just think...you can workout together!! ;0)

  3. How cute!! I should get my dog and me a treadmill. I could lose 30 pounds as well.

  4. Your dog looks great to me...very handsome.
    Wow! I believe you said you take him on the treadmill?...how in the world did you train him to go on there and does he on there with you??

  5. How cute is this?! Jake looks so cute on the treadmill!

  6. oh man, this is the BEST picture! I love seeing him on his tread mill! FWIW both our dogs are *overweight* according to the vet. We have them on Purina One Weight Control. 4 cups sounds like a lot, we have the most overweight dog restricted to 2-1/2 cups per day.

  7. I love Jake on the treadmill. He looks really sweet. What a smart dog! He knows he needs exercise....



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