New Harley

After months of looking and comparing information about different Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Bryan finally bought one! His new baby is a 08 HD Denim Blue Street Glide with a lot of extras. The bike came with Cruise Control, Brembro Anti-lock Brake System and a factory Security System. It has a whole 2 miles on it!

The Harley Davidson dealer called Wednesday and told Bryan they went 400 miles to another HD dealer (out of state) and found the bike he wanted. He came home last night (Thursday) with the keys, but no bike! His bike will not be ready for another two to three weeks. Some of his extras will be installed during that time: Reinhardt True Dual Exhausts, 204 Cams, Arlen Nest Big Sucker Air Cleaner, Screaming Eagle Race Tuner and the 103 Big Bore Cylinder upgrade. Bryan explained to me what all those upgrades entail… I just know it means more horsepower, more torque and great sound! After he runs his break in period he’ll have it put on the Dyno machine for final adjustments.

When he rides to Sturgis this year along with friends, he has to be comfortable and have plenty of storage: Quick Release King Tour Pack (colored matched) with a street Glide-styled passenger back rest, another quick release backrest for when he’s not using the Tour Pack, Sundowner Touring Seat, Windshield, Highway Pegs, Hog Tunes (radio, speakers & amplifier).

I’m pretty excited for Bryan, he was able to get exactly what he wanted. Plus I’ll have my riding partner back! When his bike is ready I’ll make sure to post a picture, for now all I have is the key and fob to share… lol.


  1. How fun for him! And for you to have your riding partner back!

  2. Paul and I are both excited for Bryan. Nothing more fun than anticipating, studying, choosing and getting delivery of your new bike. You both will be having great riding adventures ahead!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. OMG! We have an 07 cobalt blue street glide!! WE absolutely love it! We were thinking of getting the detachable pack this year, so let us know if you like it!!