Bryan’s Harley – Dismantled!

Just thought I would share some pictures of Bryan's Harley while it’s going through its transformation. Wow what a mess!

Bryan was reassured that it will be all put back together and ready for pick up sometime this week after being Dyno-ed. Sure enough he got the call this evening that it’s ready! He’s really excited about it and anxious for warm weather to get here. (Click on images for larger view – Bryan is in the first photo with sunglasses on his head).


  1. Almost looks like a surgical proceedure. Can't wait to see the end product.

  2. Rick is right! It does look like surgery is taking place. Bet Bryan can hardly stand the wait until he can ride.

    ~ Jennifer

  3. What a great looking bike! He's going to be chomping at the bit until the weather warms up! Will you both be riding together places? Any road trips planned?