Rapture of the Road...

I want to pass along the news that I no longer have a separate motorcycle blog (Rapture of the Road). All my adventures of learning to ride and rides will be maintained here at Inky Impressions.

It was really time consuming to continue with two blogs, especially since I wasn’t very familiar with WordPress. My decisions to remove my MC blog was a “in the moment” decision… I was really frustrated last night trying to add to it, I just had enough and wanted to be done with it. Even though WordPress had some cool features, I was having a hard time trying to customize it like I wanted. I find that Blogger is much more user friendly, at least for me.

Also, I just want to apologize to my readers who subscribe to Inky Impressions through email. I made some label changes last night and added posts. With those changes it sent out an email update of every label post that changed and I didn’t expect that to happen.

Thanks for reading and again I’m sorry about the huge email update. Jovi

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  1. I completely understand your decision. I'll still be reading both your motorcycle info as well as looking at your gorgeous cards!

    ~ Jennifer