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20 December 2007

New Helmet and a Ride

For the last couple of months I been searching for a new helmet. I been using a boring gray full faced one since I started riding on the back of Bryan’s bike. When I originally picked out the gray it was for the occasional ride with Bryan. At that time I didn’t need or want a stylish helmet and frankly I didn’t want to spend the money for a helmet that I wasn’t going to wear that often… I just wanted my head protected (just in case). Little did I know that a year later I would be riding my own motorcycle and now I want that trendy helmet!

Here it is, my search is over! I bought a Shoei TZ-R Vogue TC-5. I was fortunate to stop in at Rocky Mountain Cycles on the day they were having a sale on helmets. I been carry around a coupon for RMC that I received when I completed my Motorcycle Safety Course through ABATE and the sales lady was kind enough to take my coupon on a sale item. How exciting is that?! I was able to get a pretty good deal on this pricey helmet. It’s also available in pink, which was my first choice until I saw the black/silver helmet… isn’t it pretty?

I noticed that it’s much lighter than my previous helmet. It also has removable cheek pads and chinstraps. I can’t wait to ride with it on the Interstate to see if I notice a difference in wind noise. Now I’m on the lookout for a trendy half helmet (DOT approved).

I had a chance to ride today, it was a balmy 50 degrees. Even though I only rode for about 45 minutes, it was great. My toes and backside did get a little chilly as I was going 55 mph down Hwy 24. I had to be extra careful while riding today. We still have ice at the end of our driveway and around the neighborhood. The roads here in Colorado Springs are also covered with sand, especially around the corners.

I read that I should fill the tank and add a stabilizer if I’m going to store my motorcycle for extended period during the winter… what is an extended period?! Since I plan on riding throughout the winter on nice days, I just filled up my tank. I’ll have to give more thought into what is considered an extended period for storage before I add stabilizer or disconnect the battery for charging. Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. I not a motorcyle person...but this is beautiful!! If I were to ride...I would so be buying this one! Enjoy the new helmet! :0)

  2. That is a Beautiful helmet!! Here is Saskatchewan helmets are compulsary. Take Care..and Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  3. Cool helmet girl!!! You're gonna look pretty snazzy in that!!

  4. DH said if you are going to ride more than once a month and it is stored in a garage you should be ok without stabilizer. It might run a little rough at first he said, but should be ok.

    Fabulous helmet by the way. It's so girly.

  5. YOWZA! Jovita! I love this helmet. I've never seen one like it. You are most definitely going to be stylin' while you are ridin'!

    I've got to show this to Paul!


  6. That is an awesome helmet. It looks like you took the time to place rub-ons onto the helmet. Have fun riding!

  7. I love your new helmet...so chic! Ride safe and in style!

  8. I think you´ve been the hottest Lady in the streets with this great Helmet Jovi !

  9. Jovi... this is a beautiful helmet. I must show this to my mom, her bf rides a Honda Goldwing and she rides with him from time to time...something like this would be so nice for her also! Great find!!!

  10. what a cool helmet!! i'm glad you are protecting your head!!!

  11. Wow - that's some helmet. I ride a Harley - flat black helmet for me.

    Happy New Year! I wanted to invite you over to my blog because I am having my very first give-away there to celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging. Come on by - I think that you will be glad that you did.


  12. What a Bitchin' helemet...wow that is just beautiful.


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