Jake once more...

Riley and I were looking though some pictures of Jake as a puppy and I just had to share this one. He loved to lay under the kitchen chairs, now that he’s 100+ lbs he no longer fits under the chairs but whenever he has a chance to lay under the table he’s there.

Did you happen to notice that his nose is no longer black, how could that be?


  1. He is so cute! :) FYI, I was told the reason a dog's nose gets light in color is the cold weather/snow. The vet that told me calls it 'snow nose'. Don't know.....

  2. Jovi he is sooooo CUTE! Oh my. I could just look at that sweet face all day!

    Darling pup!

    ~ Jennifer (and 'Bella and Gabe too!)

  3. Our blonde dog also has a more pink nose although when she was a puppy it was pure black.

    I figured it had something to do with the amount of pigment a dog has, like when you see someone with a LOT of freckles you know they have more melatonin...

    Either way, Jake is one cute dog (both puppy and 2-year old stages)!