Ride to Pueblo

Yesterday my brother in law and I joined some of the Mountain Shadow Riders (MSR) members for a ride to Pueblo. This was my first group ride and I really enjoyed it, it took me some time to get use to riding with hand signals, I’m sure I’ll catch on!

We meet downtown Colorado Springs, made out way to CO-115 which leads to Penrose. We then took US-50E to Pueblo, we then stopped at The Raptor Center of Pueblo. The Raptor Center is a facility that rehabilitates injured birds and they release them back into the wild. The birds that can’t be rehabilitated are used for educational programs.

From there our plan was to ride back to The Springs for dinner. When our tour of the Raptor Center was over most of us were ready to eat, we decided to eat in Pueblo. We took I-25 back to Colorado Springs, I was happy that I was able to ride on the Interstate last weekend. By time we made it back into town the sun was setting behind Pikes Peak and the temperature changed quickly. Even though I was dressed for cooler weather, I was so cold when I made it home. Bryan anticipated that I would be cold when I returned, he turned the heater up for me… he takes great care of me.

Hopefully I can get out and ride today, with 75 degree weather how can I miss that opportunity! Thanks for reading ~ Jovi


  1. Beautiful photos! Sounds like a great day!! :0)

  2. Its been cold where you are... gotta take advantage of that 75* weather! Nice day you had.