I-25, Bouncing Helmet & $10,000

I’ve been trying to ride as much as I can before the snow comes along. The weather here in Colorado has been fantastic for November, Thursday it was close to 70 so I went out riding. While I was driving on Powers Blvd (a high traffic road) another rider was coming in the opposite direction and all of a sudden his helmet (which he had on his sissy bar) fell off his bike and bounced down Powers Blvd. I was shocked! Thanks goodness the light behind him was red and he didn’t have many cars following him. I can only image the accident that could have happened with cars going 55 mph on Powers. Hopefully he learned from his mistake… secure his items or better yet why cruise around with a helmet if you not going to wear it?!

Yesterday my brother in law called me to ask if I wanted to go riding. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to ride with him… I’ve seen how he drives a car and like me, he’s a new rider. He’s been riding for a couple months (since he bought Bryan’s Kawasaki in September). I went. We rode out east then made our way into town (Colorado Springs). For the first half I lead the way and then later I followed… followed him right onto I-25! As soon as I saw his turn signal go on, all I could think about was merging onto I-25 into speeding traffic… ugh. Once I was in lane I was okay with going 80 mph. That was the first time I rode on the Interstate. Later, I found that was his first time on I-25 also. He didn’t realize that the exit he took brought us directly onto I-25… next time I’ll make sure to lead the entire way… LOL. I’ll ride with him again.

Saturday was Mountain Shadow Riders monthly meeting and MSR presented a check for $10,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Here are a few pictures I took to share. Thanks for reading.


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