I’m tired of being jerked around!

A couple weeks ago I took my bike in for service and they made some adjustments. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trying to get use to the adjustments made to the throttle. When I was in first or second the bike felt really jerky when I rolled on and off the throttle. It just didn’t seem right. Bryan took my bike for a spin and he didn’t notice anything different… probably because he rarely drives it. After trying to get comfortable with the throttle for the past two weeks I finally said that was it… I was tired of being jerked around! I did some searching over at HD Forums to see if I was just me or if something was wrong. After reading the posts I was convinced that the throttle cable needed tightening. So I called HD Service this morning and they said “Bring it in and we can have it fixed for you in 5 minutes”. I took it in, they adjusted it and I was out in less than 5 minutes… and the best part I wasn’t being jerked around on the ride home.


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