The unenviable happened once again.

Ugh… I dropped my bike once AGAIN, that’s twice! Today I was out driving downtown Colorado Springs. I was headed down Cascade (which dead ends), so I went left so I can get on Nevada. I came down a steep hill to turn right onto Nevada. I went to the right of the road… which was my mistake I should have stayed to the left. When I put my foot down at the stop, the left side of the road was higher than the right. When my right foot actually touched the ground, the bike started leaning and my handlebars started pulling right… that was it I knew it was falling. I was able to put my right leg out to avoid the bike falling on me, thank goodness I didn’t fall. Once again I was so mad at myself that I shouted BUCK (except with an F) which is so unlike me!

A truck that was passing on Nevada pulled over and a man came running over to see if I was okay. He picked my bike up for me and checked to make sure nothing was damaged and it was still ride able. He was so kind, friendly and encouraging… “Don’t worry it happens” and “I’m glad to see that you’re not going to let this stop you from riding”. I’m so thankful that Mike (from Colorado Springs Utilities) pulled over to help me out, I would have never be able to lift my bike back up. I was ready to call Bryan at work. As Mike was helping me out, so many cars stopped to make sure I was okay or if I needed any kind of help. I was thankful that they stopped just to check. Another man pulled over and volunteered to go home and get his trailer so he could trailer my bike home if I was too shaken to ride it home. I assured him I was okay.

Now for the damage: I now have deep gouges instead of the previous scratches in the chrome of the right yurn signal and this time the lens cover wasn’t able to be popped back on. The tip of my brake lever was also scratched. All I have to say is thank goodness for engine guards or my tank and pipes would have been totally scratched or dented. Mike was surprised how the engine guards protected my bike… he mentioned that he was now going to add some to his new Victory.

When I got home I called Bryan to let him know what happened and he was supportive and encouraging about my incident today. I already picked up a new lens cover and I’m ready to go riding again! Jovi


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